MIUI 9 key features
MIUI 9 key features
MIUI 9 key features
MIUI 9 key features

From 2010 when Xiaomi launched MIUI, its first ever product, They more than about 280 Million active users. And after many consecutive UI updates, Xiaomi launched its latest Custom Android ROM version MIUI 9 on July 27. Which is made to enhance the user experience for smooth activities, lightning fast syestem and system stability. Except this, it adds a lot of cool and useful features to your MI phone. So let’s have a quick look at the MIUI 9 key features which make it so special.

MIUI 9 Key Features

1. Image Search

MIUI 9 image search
MIUI 9 image search

Image Search feature of MIUI 9 is not just a simple image search, it’s a powerful and smart search engine itself. Nowadays people are so selfie-crazy that they click a lot of selfies and its a tough task to search for any image you need at that time. Suppose that you need an image of you with your wife which you clicked few days/weeks back, all you have to do is to type “I and my wife” and let the image search do rest of the work for you, it will show the exact images you needed.
It can even search your saved documents on your phone. And the best part is when you search for any text on any photo and it shows up with the photo containing that text.

2. Smart assistant

MIUI 9 smart assistant
MIUI 9 smart assistant

It wont be wrong if i call Smart Assistant the best feature of MIUI 9. It allows you to find almost anything on your phone by just a single click/swipe. It is an easy way to find photos, messages, emails, notes, documents and much more. It allows you to access any information or your frequently used apps from any screen.

3. Split Screen

MIUI 9 split screen
MIUI 9 split screen

Nowadays people love multitasking. Now they can do it in their phones too. Here’s the “Split Screen Mode” available in MIUI 9. You can run two apps at the same time on your phone screen. Like watching a movie while chatting.
All you have to do is to Tap Recent Apps button and select “Split Screen Mode” at the top left corner. Then select the first app, then it will ask you to add the second app. Once done, then you can enjoy two apps on your phone screen at the same time.
All the system apps support Split Screen feature except Dialer. And third party apps must be updated to use this feature.

4. Notification Filter and Quick Reply

MIUI 9 quick reply
MIUI 9 quick reply

Notification Filter filters unwanted notifications which disturb you uselessly. It notes the priority of the notifications you often open. It groups the notifications of same apps in one notification and you can access them by a two finger swipe.
Except this MIUI introduces the Quick reply feature which enables you to reply to any IM messages right from your notifications without opening apps.

5. System Optimization

MIUI 9 system optimization
MIUI 9 system optimization

When you buy a new phone, it works fine but as it gets older, it gets slower and laggy. One of the main reasons is that system of those phones aren’t well optimized. So MIUI 9 came up with a great system optimization to enhance user experience.

6. Quicker Launch times for Apps

MIUI 9 quicker launch time
quicker launch time

Slow apps launching on the android phone is a common problem. But MIUI 9 came up with the solution of this problem. They use Optimized haptic feedback, Intelligent CPU acceleration, Optimized thread scheduling for producing better results. So now you are trying to open any system or even any third party app, you don’t have to wait for it to open.

7. Smart App Launcher

MIUI 9 smart app launcher
Smart App Launcher

Smart app launcher minimizes the task to switch between apps. Whenever you need smart app launcher, just open it and it will analyze the content on your phone screen and will suggest some related apps.
Except this, it can show information about any name/term/link which is on your screen. Suppose that you come across some name and you want to know more about that name, just long press that word(name) and it will show all the relevant information about that word(name).

8. Home Screen Customization

MIUI 9 home screen customization
MIUI 9 home screen customization

The home screen of MIUI 9 is also much more customizable than before. Earlier if you wanted to move apps to different pages, you had to move apps one by one. But now you can move more than one apps to other pages so easily. Just select the apps you want to move and it will show all pages where you can choose your desired page.
You remember the widget pages in the stock android UI? That is now added in MIUI 9 too. You can now scroll through all the widgets at the same page.

9. Three New Themes

They added three new themes to MIUI 9 along with the default theme. New themes are Limitless, Color Fantasy and Cool Black.


10. MIUI Lab

MIUI Lab is a whole new mystery feature in MIUI 9. So far there’s nothing much the do in it. But as the name suggests, it should be something about experimenting with apps or some other things. Not sure. Just a guess. But hope they will reveal the use of this feature soon.

NOTE: Features listed above are included in MIUI 9 China ROM but all of them may not be available in MIUI 9 Global ROM.



Xiaomi has come up with MIUI 9 to the market again with these mind blowing cool features. So what do you think about MIUI 9? Which feature you liked the most, let us know in the comment box.
Any suggestions about content are mostly welcome. We’ll love to hear from you. 🙂


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