Schedule Whatsapp messages
Schedule Whatsapp messages

Today, we are going to talk about how you can schedule WhatsApp messages. So just sit back and read till the end so you don’t miss any step.

Sometimes a single missed message can mess up your relationship. isn’t it? Don’t think so? Try missing b’day of your GF/wife. lol

You’ll never want to forget wishing birthdays or anniversaries to your loved ones on time. But unfortunately, you do. because your life is too busy and you are not a machine. We remember most of our important dates all the year but at the right time, we just forget it somehow. This problem can be solved by scheduler apps.

Whatsapp is one of the best and most used Instant Messengers available on Play Store but it hasn’t the message scheduling feature till date. So we are going to show you how you can schedule your WhatsApp messages without any hassles.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages?

Schedule Whatsapp messages
Schedule Whatsapp messages

We found an app on PlayStore which is capable of sending your messages on time for you.

Note: This app has a limit of sending 10 scheduled messages only. You have to purchase a premium key for further usage. But we have a solution. Like our Facebook page and send us a message to get the premium key for free.

Download Whatsapp messages Scheduler from here. For Non-Rooted Devices

Download Whatsapp messages Scheduler from here. For Rooted Devices

Check how to Root Your Android Device

After you download Scheduler app, you have to download one more app which is a supporter app for Scheduler.

Download Support App Here

Once done, move forward to next step in which we will tell you how to use this scheduler app to schedule WhatsApp messages.

Here’s How You Do It

·         Allow All permissions

App permissions
App permissions: Messanger API

Open both apps and allow all the permissions it asks for.

App Permissions
App Permissions: Seebye Scheduler


·         Create A Schedule Rule

Schedule Rule
Schedule Rule

Once you allowed all the permissions, create a new Schedule Rule y clicking “+” button. Here add the name of the rule, Your message, Select contact to whom you want to send that message, date and time of message and frequency. And then add the rule.

Frequency: Here are frequency options: Once, Every minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually etc.

Now your scheduled WhatsApp messages will be sent to your desired contact on the time you want it to be sent.



So I just showed you the way to schedule WhatsApp messages. Hope it helps you not to miss sending any of your important messages. If you have any suggestions or issues regarding this article or our website, please feel free to write down your views in the comment box below.

You can even comment any of your Android related problems, we will try to post the solution as soon as possible.

Thanks for coming. 🙂


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